Ecological gardening and landscaping - Gardens and ponds without pesticides and herbicides - saving water through xeriscaping, recycling and collecting rainwater...


Would you like a yard and garden that is visually pleasing, a haven for birds and butterflies, and that once established, is also low maintenance? By creating a natural landscape your wish could come true, and you would be enjoying the satisfaction of knowing you are gardening in an environmentally friendly manner.

Natural landscaping is about creating beautiful natural environments by cultivating plants that are native to the bioregion without using harmful chemicals. It means re-accessing our idea of what is aesthetically pleasing. Do we prefer straight lines of neat and tidy monocultures or a constantly changing matrix of different sizes, shapes and colors? Do we feel the need for order and control or revel in the unpredictability of nature’s complexity?

May I introduce myself      

 I am an experienced ecologist and environmentalist, both professionally and by trying to choose the most sustainable ways in my private life.


 Always willing to help people to find their own way out of the environmental quagmire, I promote transportation with low carbon emissions i.e. ride your bike wherever you go, use public transport when you have to get somewhere a bit further, or switch to electric powered vehicles and the use of alternative energies, especially the abundant power of the sun...

If you have property or a garden I can help you to redesign them following ecological guidelines and with the increasing water shortage in mind, through

  • Xeriscaping and Companion planting,
  • by using recycled household water, and by collecting rainwater and
  • composting and mulching ...

In the past after having worked for a Canadian government nature conservation agency in Ontario, creating and improving nature parks and protected areas I was involved with the ecologically guided rehabilitation, design and maintenance of private gardens and estates, municipal ecological parks, provincial nature areas and federal lake shoreline projects.

 One of my more serious challenges was to convert the maintenance of one of Canada´s oldest and most traditional 18-hole golf courses into a "green" operation with less and only use of organic fertilizers, changing the grass varieties to more drought resistant ones, changing the mowing patterns and using different, more efficient ways of irrigation. Subsequently the lakes and ponds as well as the river flowing through the areal had much better water quality with less algae build up and they could be stocked with beautiful decorative fish. Other forms of wildlife and water fowl appeared again and a monoculture turned into a pleasant diversified landscape.

Rehabilitation of exisiting ponds or designing new decorative water areas are my speciality. 


This pond was created out of an old concrete swimming pool

Ecological solutions can be found for most projects, be it a vegetable patch or a decorative flower garden or a park like setting -we will give it a try - it´s worth it.


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city pond built in 2002 

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